From Jena Sims to Paige Spiranac, Here’s How 4th of July Celebrations Took Over the Golf World

On July 4th, the United States sparkled under a dazzling display of fireworks as the citizens celebrated their 248th Independence Day. Many donned red, white, and blue clothes to enjoy the patriotic holiday. As the nation reveled, golf enthusiasts and celebrities within the golfing world joined in the celebrations.

From Anthony Kim celebrating his first July 4th with LIV fans to LPGA Tour star Meghan Khang turning to a more romantic night, here is how many others from the golfing silo indulged in the Independence Day celebrations.

It was family time for the Watsons, as it is a break for LIV Golf players before the league moves to Andalucia, Spain for another event. Bubba Watson took his family of four to the Troubadour Golf & Field Club in Tennessee to watch the fireworks. His wife Angie and two children, Caleb and Dakota, were smiling brightly as they experienced the 248th Independence Day.

Taking the golf world’s attention with the iconic ‘God Bless Our Troops’ commentary of Kevin James from a NASCAR event, Jena Sims started her 4th of July with a bang. The Sports Illustrated model rode in her Ford Bronco around Jupiter as she took in the day. Later, the 35-year-old shared how the evening celebrations went by on her Instagram stories.

After putting Crew Koepka to bed, Sims enjoyed a firework show and posted it on her stories, stating, “Self-aware enough to know people don’t give af. Confident enough to post it anyway.” But that’s not all, with a side of wine and fries, Sims also ate a chocolate cookie pie that had whipped cream in the USA’s color and another unique bubble firework to end her day.

On the other hand, after being away from golf for the last 12 years, Anthony Kim celebrated his first Independence Day with LIV Golf fans. He shared the first and last time he played the Ryder Cup in 2008 with a picture of her daughter Bella. Kim posted the picture on his Instagram story and captioned it, “Happy 4th wishing everyone a safe & happy holiday from my family to URS.” Unlike Sims and Watson, Kim didn’t opt for some fireworks with his family. Instead, he started his putting and wedge practice to celebrate the 4th of July in his own unique way.

LPGA Tour pros celebrate July 5th with their significant others
After a disappointing finish at the 2024 KPMG Women’s PGA Championship, Megan Khang took a break from her regular schedule to recharge and come back stronger. The 26-year-old rarely posts on social media, but on this special occasion, she wished her fan “Happy 4th” with her fiance Steven Stanis Lawzyk, and shared an adorable picture of the two.

Another LPGA Tour pro who celebrated Independence Day with her partner was Mal Reid. Instead of a dinner date or the fireworks at a golf course kind of thing, Reid and her wife, Carly Reid, enjoyed a workout on July 4th. The LPGA star wrote in her Instagram story, “That 4th July workout hit hard in its FLO heat” as they showed a sleeping Kai Reid in his bed.

Later, the two dressed their child in a red and white checkered co-ord set with blue stars to signify the American flag and further celebrated July 4th. While talking about celebrations from LIV Golf to the LPGA Tour, how can the biggest golf influencer, Paige Spiranac, be forgotten? How did she spend her day?

Yesterday, the golf diva surprised her fans with a new content site,, that would explore more of her life from golf and outside of it and give premium access to her fans. On July 4th, the 30-year-old influencer dropped her infamous hot dog video, in which she tackled eating more than six hot dogs in 10 minutes to break her previous record.

Another thing that delighted the fan on July 4th was an Instagram post of Spiranac hitting a great driver as she wished them Happy 4th and absolutely crushed the drive shot. Ultimately, the fans loved the diva’s new avatar on passes and her drive, as they complimented her a ton. That’s all from the golf influencer’s side and from the golf world, as they celebrated July 4th with their families and fans.

What was the highlight of your July 4th celebrations? Share it in the comments.

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