"I feel very honoured and it makes me keep going to play golf,"

In Gee Chun has shown her quality many times, but this time it was really impressive. The PGA Tour turned out to be a good tournament for her, and she set a record in the opening round with 64 Gee Chun is overjoyed after all, and how could she not be.

Her goal is to enjoy the field, to show why she is so good, and for now Chun can do anything. Even better performances are expected from her in the coming period. “I feel so good because I always think when my name is going with something, then I feel very honoured and it makes me keep going to play golf,” said Chun, as quoted by skysports.

“I’m trying to make the focus on the course for the process, not the result. I’m trying to enjoy to play golf more on the course, more talk with my caddie. I’m happy with the good round today.”

Nelly Korda on In Gee
Nelly Korda praised In Gee and her performance.

Everyone is thrilled with what Gee has shown, and it is clear that her ambitions and goals are the greatest. Also, this result will only be an additional motive for her to show that she can do much more. The competition is fierce, and it will be interesting to follow the rest of the tournament.

“I don’t know what golf course In Gee is playing!” said Korda. “She must be playing really well. I would think when I tee it up today, I would be very happy with the score that I shot. “I think at the beginning part of the day you saw some higher numbers.

In Gee is just playing really well, and applause to her. Sometimes it just has to be your week, right? You’re going to continue to stick to your game plan and hopefully shoot some good numbers coming into Sunday.”

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