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CRAZY! Jannik Sinner’s GF Anna Kalinskaya Makes Juicy Revelation on Soccer Players Who Slid Into Her Instagram DMs

Jannik Sinner and his girlfriend, Anna Kalinskaya recently secured their maiden grass court finals. Can they follow in the footsteps of Alex de Minaur and Katie Boulter and do the doubles triumph? Well, time will tell! Before that, Anna Kalinskaya was spotted accepting a ‘Phone Challenge‘ in Berlin, and guess what? She nearly revealed the names of the celebrities who slid into her DMs!

She started off the challenge by introducing herself to the audience, but does she need any introductions now? Anna Kalinskaya has been running the headlines for the past couple of months due to on and off-the-court activities. With the involvement of Jannik Sinner in her life, fans have become more curious to know about her. The first question that came up to her in the challenge was, “What’s your favorite app?“ To this, she replied, “My favorite app is WhatsApp or FaceTime because I like to speak to my friends or my family.“

Jannik Sinner has now become an important person in her life. Her love for Sinner was reflected when she said, “I’m just trying to be a little bit as good as him… Let’s see if we can watch each other tomorrow. Congratulations to him, I’m gonna text him now. I’m so happy.” Now coming back to the challenge, the next question was about her Google Search. She guessed it was about the fruit, “Pear, I guess.” Then she was asked to name the famous person who slid into her DM’s. “I don’t know, probably some football player, but I’m not…I don’t know too many football players. So, I didn’t reply,” Kalinskaya laughed.

Interestingly, the Russian sensation is connected to a number of sports than just tennis. Both of her parents are former professional badminton players. Anna Kalinskaya’s mother, Elena Kalinskaya is quite a popular badminton player in Russia and currently, she works as a coach. Her father, Nikolay Kalinskiy, has also been involved with sports for a long time. After having a successful career in badminton, he joined the Badminton Federation in Russia.

However, do you know Anna Kalinskaya has a strong connection with soccer as well? Although Anna Kaliskaya revealed that she doesn’t know too many football players, she surely knows one lad very well!

Jannik Sinner’s girlfriend, Anna Kalinskaya’s connection with soccer
Her brother, Nikolay Kalinsky is a professional soccer player who plays as a midfielder for FC Pari Nizhny Novgorod. The 30-year-old soccer player has spent most of his youth career at FC Lokomotiv Moscow. He has even represented his nation in the U-17, U-18 and U-19.

But other than sports, Jannik Sinner’s girlfriend also loves to discover things outside the tennis world? Like for example during an earlier interview, she spoke about her off-court hobbies. Kalinskaya revealed, “I like to do make-up, some shopping. I like to discover things outside tennis and talk about other things with people. So, I’m not so focused on tennis all the time. I like to cook a lot, I can cook almost everything. I haven’t tried sushi yet.“

On the contrary, Jannik Sinner is someone who’s focused on tennis almost all the time! Do you think this power couple can create a historic moment in their careers on Super Sunday?

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