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Done Forever’, ‘S*xier & Better’: Paige Spiranac Teases Bold New Avatar Amid Shocking OnlyPaige Announcement

Change is inevitable in one’s life. Moreover, a person should be ready to go with the flow if they are to keep up with the developing times. Paige Spiranac would definitely agree! Especially since the social media influencer herself has decided to change the very way through which she interacts with her fans. Enter Passes and exit OnlyPaige!

“Out with the old and in with the new!” exclaimed the excited 31-year-old golfing queen in a tweet as she alluded to the new platform that she joined. The athlete was replying to a fan who asked her if her joining Passes meant bad news for OnlyPaige. That’s not all. Spiranac also mentioned how the ‘Creator Economy Site’ is a boost up from her previous platform when it comes to various aspects; “It blows OP out of the water from a user experience and I’ve stepped up the content.”

Paige Spiranac shared a post on her X handle announcing her intention to use the new creator monetization platform. The model did so while urging her followers to check out the same as she said, “If you liked OnlyPaige then you’re going to absolutely LOVE my new subscription site! Better and more content, livestreams, you can talk to me directly in the DMs and so much more!”

Spiranac’s fans, particularly those who enjoy her more lifestyle-oriented content that reflects her unique brand, naturally expressed concern after the announcement. And, as might be expected, a fan posed a query regarding the same on a Q&A session that she held on her Instagram handle. “I think that and I’ve heard this from other people,” replied the female golfer and then boldly stated, “The content is s*xier and better on Passes than it was on OnlyPaige, So…”

With the welcome of the new platform, Paige Spiranac’s OP subscribers couldn’t help but come up with another curious worry; “Does OP just go away or do I have to do anything?” Responding to the question on another one of her Instagram stories, she said, “OnlyPaige is done forever. Everything has been transferred over and this is the new… and improved OP with so many cool features,” while divulging how the detailed instructions can be read through an email that she sent to her previous subscribers. It seems she surely gave a fitting end to her old site that she had welcomed more than one and a half years ago.

Paige Spiranac and Passes, the new and improved OnlyPaige

The 31-year-old had, back in January 2023, kicked off her subscription service while taking a page out from ‘OnlyFans’. She did so while stating how it would provide “VIP Access to all things Paige… except THAT,” in two types: monthly ($9.99) and yearly ($99.99). But when it comes to the new Passes platform, Spiranac has increased the kinds of membership for her fans who want more content.

She has offered a Par Tier membership at $10 per month, Birdie Tier at $25 per month, Eagle Tier at $100 per month, and Golf Only at $5 per month. Interestingly, each of her subscription types adds more to the package as the numbers go up with the most expensive one providing, “Access to ALL wall content and livestreams, plus 5 free DMs and DM freebies.” Well, one can’t help but agree with Paige Spiranac now: “It’s new and improved, bigger and better than ever!”

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