Fallon Sherrock ‘hated’ by female rivals and doesn’t feel welcome on women’s tour

Fallon Sherrock ‘hated’ by female rivals and doesn’t feel welcome on women’s tour
Fallon Sherrock will take part in the Grand Slam of Darts this week and hopes for a regular spot on the main PDC tour due to the reception she gets among her female rivals

Fallon Sherrock has claimed she is hated by her female rivals and is not welcome on the women’s tour.

Sherrock, 28, shot to stardom when she made the third round of the World Championship in 2020 and will test herself against the best at the Grand Slam of Darts this week.

She believes that has seen her become a target on the women’s tour and now hopes for a permanent place alongside her male counterparts with the main PDC competition.

Sherrock said: “I could be the best person in the world and I still get hate or I could do everything wrong and still get it. I am at a point now where I am like, ‘If you are going to hate me, hate me’.

“I am not going to beat around the bush, I even get it with players now and I genuinely don’t care anymore. I am at a point where I don’t care what anyone does or says to me.

“It is mostly the women, I am not welcome with the women much anymore, I learned that last weekend in Wigan. I want to try and better myself so I have more opportunity playing on the PDC side with the men, so hopefully I can perform better and improve.

“I feel what me and Lisa Ashton have done for the sport, I don’t think they realise how much we have helped.”

Sherrock also reflected on an incident during her recent defeat to Beau Greaves, and claims a raucuous crowd managed to get to her.

She added: “I just remember playing that final against Beau, but that roar after her 148. After the match I walked out and could see everyone barring people that were sat on my table watching and cheering and I just thought, ‘Do you know what, you should support everyone in the room if they play well’.

“I get it all the time, I don’t know why I’m not used to it by now.

“I did let the atmosphere get to me, I should be more professional around it all, I shouldn’t let it get to me, but me and Lisa have done so much, it wasn’t even the end of the game.

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