Has Nelly Korda Been Hospitalized Over the Dog-Bite Accident? Her Current Status Ahead of Evian Championship Explored

Has Nelly Korda used up all of her luck? One can’t help but ask that question, all thanks to her recent series of unfortunate experiences. There were three missed cuts she faced, two of which were from the majors. And the cherry on top was the withdrawal from the LET event, owing to another unlucky incident: a dog bite!

The LPGA Tour is currently moving towards its fourth major of the season, the Amundi Evian Championship. The fans, meanwhile, would surely be wondering about Korda’s current health and whether she would be able to tee it off at the upcoming major at Evian Resort Golf Club.

Is Nelly Korda fit to tee off at the Amundi Evian Championship?

The current No. 1 in the world hasn’t revealed many details about her recent injury. However, Alison Lee, as per Golf Monthly, divulged how the 25-year-old was bitten by “a dog she didn’t know” outside “a random coffee shop” in Seattle. The 29-year-old even disclosed how Korda had contacted her to ask her about a similar injury that she had suffered: “She asked me a lot about what my symptoms were when I got my dog bite.”

Why would Nelly Korda ask Lee for advice? Well, she had also been bitten by a dog, but her case was different in the sense that it was her boyfriend’s rescue dog, ‘Bear’, who bit her left hand back in January. Much to the golfer’s surprise, the attack left a couple of open wounds, which consequently led to her being admitted for three days in the hospital for lymphangitis.

Taking into consideration her pulling out of the Aramco Team Series in London, her injury might have been a bit serious. The professional would also have been admitted if the wound was as severe as it came. Even if she wasn’t hospitalized, a possible infection might cause her to be away from the game for up to a month. This, inadvertently, would cost her a chance to play at the upcoming major championship.

Regardless, many of her fans would be hoping for the athlete to return to full health. They would surely be optimistic for the exact same thing that Alison Lee had hoped for: “I am hoping for a speedy recovery for her.” But then curiosity naturally arises: When did all of this take place?

“I regret to announce that I must withdraw from next week’s Ladies European Tour tournament in London,” said Korda in a statement on Instagram on Friday, June 28. But the incident didn’t take place on the same day. The 2-time major champ also revealed how the dog had bitten her the previous week on June 22; “On Saturday in Seattle, I was bitten by a dog and need time to receive treatment and recover fully.”

Although it was an unfortunate accident, the golfer didn’t shy away from issuing an apology as she said, “I apologize to the LET, the sponsors, and my fans for my absence. Thank you for your understanding, and I look forward to returning to the course soon.” The 2024 Chevron Championship winner is currently taking a break from the game as a result of the injury. She hasn’t revealed her plans to return to action. But, if everything goes well and she recovers completely, then Nelly Korda will be able to tee it off at the Amundi Evian Championship that is set to kick off on July 11, Thursday. The fans can only eagerly wait and watch!

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