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Kate Moss and Victoria Beckham forget feud as supermodel offers Posh advice on moving to star-studded Cotswolds

They'll be lending each other bags of sugar before we know it...

For the past 10 years their rivalry and mutual loathing has been the (amusing) talk of showbiz circles.

Kate Moss and Victoria Beckham have done their utmost to avoid The Enemy at a series of events, slating one other within their circle of friends.

But now, I can reveal, the duo have quite literally kissed (no tongues) and made up.

The 39-year-old ladies made their peace at one of the final parties of London Fashion Week, even swapping mobile numbers.

And now Mossy is giving Posh tips on house-hunting in the Cotswolds where she already has a pad.

So pally are the former rivals, the supermodel is even suggesting her fellow fashion designer buy a cottage in the village of Tetbury – just a stone’s throw* from her own rural pad.

I’m told: “Kate approached Victoria when they were at the same Fashion Week bash, and started chatting amiably.

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“Both women decided to let bygones be bygones, and start afresh. Kate gave Victoria her mobile number and invited her down to stay in her Cotswolds home.

“Since then they have been in sporadic contact, and Kate’s been encouraging her to get a place in the country where she and her London-based family can chill at weekends.”

If she does buy, Posh’s neighbours will include PM David Cameron as well as Lily Allen, Liz Hurley and cheesemaker Alex James, who all own country seats in the trendy Cotswolds.

Mossy, of course, is a regular too – it was also where she married husband Jamie Hince in 2011.

Before the great detente, Posh and Moss – collectively to be dubbed “Poms”, perhaps? – were sworn enemies for years.

While Victoria considered Croydon-born Kate to be a “trashy chav”, Kate resented the Hertfordshire-born former Spice Girl’s foray into the fashion fold, feeling she had not earned her place among the sartorial elite.

In November 2011 came a very public face-off when Mossy openly snubbed Posh at a drinks reception at the British Fashion Awards.

During a tug of love over edgy American designer Marc Jacobs, Kate stole him away from Victoria mid-conversation, refusing to even acknowledge Posh’s existence.

But we don’t talk about that now…

*Well, the throw of an Olympian…

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