Nelly Korda Escapes Being a Laughing Stock of Golf World With 5-Word Witty Remarks Just Hours After Lancaster Disgrace

Nelly Korda initially shocked the golf world when she missed the cut at the 79th US Women’s Open. The World’s apex female golfer had one of the worst plays in her eight-year career. In the first round, she shot 10 over par. Yes, 10 over par, unbelievable, right? But it all happened at the unfortunate 12th hole of the Lancaster. With her amazing run so far in 2024 with 4 regular Tour wins, and 1 major win, people had high expectations from Korda, and we are sure, she had too.

Talking about her Thursday’s game, she said, “I knew it was going to be a tough day. There’s not many low scores out here, and I was pretty far back.” But as her play ended early, she took to Instagram to share a few glimpses of her outing at the second major of the season. Along with that, she also showed her sarcastic, and funny side to the world. She captioned her post with 5 witty words, “Well that was a 10/10.”

She tried making the situation lighter by alluding to her scores sarcastically which apparently fans loved. After playing only nine holes she had stated how ‘beastly’ the grounds were at Lancaster Golf Club. She had also talked about her preference to play early in the morning but from her 10th hole, she was not playing it in the ‘dewy and wet’ morning.

Explaining more about the beast of a course, she said, “Visually the golf course is tough as well; if you’re in the rough and you miss the fairways, the greens are very small and very slopey, and the rough is thick around the greens too. I think they’ve cut the grass around the greens so that, with the false fronts, it comes all the way down to the back where it’s a little thicker. So it’s just going to test every part of your game.”

However, as Rose Zhang later pointed out, the 12th hole was specifically difficult in the afternoon if the wind also intervened. She stated, “I guess some holes in particular, 12 is actually very difficult, especially if the wind picks up in the afternoon. Just making sure you’re landing it on the green. You don’t really know how much it’s going to release. That hole definitely plays a little bit more difficult.”

Korda has always shared her child-like funny persona with the fans, and they have loved it. This time also was not any different.

Fans are finding Korda more relatable now
One of the fans wrote, “Hey you’re allowed to have bad days too. Write this one off!” Korda has given back-to-back great performances this year after a winless streak of 14 months. The fans tried to give her some space for a bad day. Korda, the winner of 19 professional events along with 2 majors in only 8 years, is now 1st in both the Rolex ranking and the CME ranking. Given her record, her fans suggest she can have a bad day.

Another fan announced clearly that one game would not snatch away her number-one rank. They stated, “Chin up! You’re still #1!” Given Korda’s record so far, one game would not ruin her reputation. Hence, her fans implored her not to think about it because she still has her position and her upcoming games might decide better.

Yet another fan tried to make the situation lighter by telling how she resembled a common human being by making a mistake once. They said, “I love the fact that you are a normal human people person. Nothing uncommon. Yayyyyyy!!!” Her fans tried to cheer her up by indicating that it is only normal to have bad matches once in a while. Korda’s performance, especially this year, has not been very human-like. She set the record for five consecutive wins, and was eyeing a sixth one at the Cognizant Founders Cup, but did not win and had to settle for a five-peat win. She, however, then won the Mizuho Americas Open for her sixth win of the season.

One other fan commented, “She has a great attitude, won’t be surprised if she wins her next event.” They insinuated that Nelly Korda possesses all the capacities and the right attitude to pull herself up. Just like she did at the Mizuho Americas Open.

Someone else suggested that for Korda, it was not a bad game at all. It was only a bad hole. They said, “Thank you for finishing strong and not giving up! If you would have had a bogey on 12, you would be right in the thick of the tournament. You didn’t play bad golf, just a REALLY bad hole! Makes you just that more relatable. Head up,,,go get em!👏👏👏👏😁👍🙏🏻❤️” Scoring 8 only on the par 3-12th hole has indeed made the outcome a 10-over-par for Korda. Instead of questioning her play throughout the rounds, her fans ask her to assess the situation based on only one hole.

What do you think will be Nelly Korda’s next moves in the upcoming events? Do you think she can win, as her fans are anticipating? Let us know in the comments below.

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