SHOCKING REACTIONS: Maria Sharapova and Ashleigh Barty Reduce Fans to Tears With Powerful Mother Energy

Maria Sharapova took the world by surprise with her first Grand Slam, at Wimbledon win back in 2004. She defeated the queen of the court, Serena Williams, who had had a free and fierce reign until then. However, that was two decades ago, and now the Russian is back at the Grass tournament. Sharapova was not alone as another Wimbledon champion accompanied her, Ashleigh Barty. And the two tennis stars had a sweet little surprise for their fans – the arrival of the new generation! And for their part, the tennis fans couldn’t keep calm.

It has been years since Sharapova bid farewell to professional tennis and embraced motherhood. However, after being active on the tennis court for years, she not only created beautiful memories but also historical records. Recently, the Russian tennis star graced the Grass Courts of Wimbledon with her son and partner. That was not all. Sharapova shared her legacy with the toddler as he looked upon her. Before the family proceeded to explore the court, it seemed that the star was ready to introduce her kid to the sporting world!

On the other side, the Australian Ashleigh Barty was also present at the arena with her family. Barty won the Grass Slam in 2021, becoming the first Australian woman to do so since the 1980s. In the video shared by Wimbledon’s official account on X, Barty was seen showing the place to her child, as he played in the arms of his mother. Wimbledon welcomed the family with open arms, as they tweeted, “Family time at #Wimbledon 🥰 A warm welcome back to our 2021 Ladies’ Singles Champion, @ashbarty! 👋🇦🇺.”

Wholesome family moments pleasantly surprised tennis fans at Wimbledon, who were initially focused on cheering for their favorite players and anticipating thrilling matches. This change of scene was much appreciated by them. Consequently, they couldn’t stop themselves from gushing over champions and their families.

Tennis Fans gush over Maria Sharapova and Ashleigh Barty’s family momentsHowever, it wasn’t just her; Barty was also there with her son. It was an abundance of love, family, and tennis at Wimbledon, leaving tennis fans’ hearts overflowing with joy. “AHHH MY HEAAARTTTT so cute🥹🫶🏻”- wrote another tennis fan.

Roger Federer was overwhelmed with emotions as he looked at his daughter, sharing a poignant moment during his last match at the Laver Cup. It’s rare for family to come together to mark such an occasion, and in Federer’s case, it signified the end of his career. In contrast, Barty and Sharapova’s families seem to herald the beginning of the next generation with their children. Tennis fans were buzzing with excitement, celebrating these heartwarming family moments. One fan noted under Barty’s family pictures, “Ah…Ash Barty+family🤗🎈”

“STOP, her pointing at her name is everything” – said another fan. But that’s all they could do with the board: show the kids her infamous exploits on the court, especially when the person defeated was the 23-time Grand Slam champion!

What are your thoughts about tennis champions coming back to the court with their families? Do let us know in the comments!

Unbothered on Losing Wimbledon Record, Roger Federer Gets Real About Novak Djokovic’s
It’s common for players to bring their families to the court. Many tennis fans may have seen Novak Djokovic’s son and daughter in the stands, cheering for their father to win. Often, players are accompanied by their partners and other family members for support. However, this moment with Sharapova was notably different in several ways.

Djokovic’s children witness their father’s legendary career in the making, whereas Sharapova’s son, a toddler, knows her simply as his mom, not as the tennis star from her prime.

Hence, it was a beautiful moment of legacy being passed on, as Sharapova pointed at her name on the board. And tennis fans were pleasantly surprised by this moment, as one of them tweeted. “I am f**king crying at Masha, pointing her name on the board 😭😭😭.” It was an overwhelming moment for all to witness, as one tennis fan couldn’t help but be emotional. They said, “Sharapova: the cutest thing u will see today I just can’t 😭😭😭😭,” certainly understanding the emotional moment for the mother-son duo.

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