Tennis Diva Eugenie Bouchard Shares Yesteryear Beauty Anna Kournikova’s Iconic Fits That Inspired a Generation

Known for both her on-court prowess and her impeccable style, Canadian WTA star Eugenie Bouchard is a force to be reckoned with. In this matter, she sought inspiration from a famous and talented former tennis player-turned-Russian model-and-TV-personality, Anna Kournikova. Eugenie Bouchard stole the limelight recently with her glamorous look for Zendaya’s Challengers LA premiere. Fans can now see the origins of Eugenie Bouchard’s ability to seamlessly blend fashion with her on-court presence.

The official Instagram page of The Tennis Lookbook shared a clip containing many pictures of the former tennis star Anna Kournikova. The slideshow clip had a special message that read, “She would influence all the girls today,” with an even special caption- “the tennis it girl consider me influenced.”

Eugenie Bouchard shared this post on her official Instagram story showcasing her admiration for this former WTA sensation. Bouchard can’t help since Kournikova offered a great fashion statement in tennis since she was sixteen. She received many sponsorships just because of her incredible on-court fashion sense.

In 2014, Eugenie Bouchard ranked fifth according to the WTA rankings. However, that ranking slipped and the next year she dropped to rank 48. In fact, Bouchard’s rank dropped so much that in 2018, she was ranked 194th by WTA rankings. Despite losing out to the top 50, Bouchard has been able to maintain a celebrity status for her charming fashion sense. For this reason, this Montreal-based WTA star is often compared to Anna Kournikova.

Now Bouchard might find this comparison entirely amazing since growing up she idolized Kournikova.

In 2013, teenager Bouchard revealed the names of her two favorite tennis icons. She said in an interview– “I just looked up to the greatest players in the world. I loved Anna Kournikova, but also Maria Sharapova. I remember watching her win Wimbledon when I was 10 years old. I thought she was so cool; I wanted to do what she was doing. I set my sights high and I think that’s what you have to do to be the best.”

Eugenie Bouchard’s admiration for Anna Kournikova is not an exaggeration given the latter’s incredible influence on tennis players about fashion. Bouchard’s fans were delighted to see this Canadian WTA star remembering the old tennis icons.


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