LIVE RANKINGS. Andreescu improves her position ahead of competing against Paolini in Wimbledon.

See the the live rankings of Bianca Vanessa Andreescu before squaring off with Jasmine Paolini in the 3rd round in Wimbledon

Bianca Vanessa Andreescu is about to play against Jasmine Paolini on Friday the 5th of July in Wimbledon. Here is an update about her live rankings.






Bianca Vanessa Andreescu is right now ranked no.176 with 426 points positioned as Canadian no.4.

On the other part of the net, Jasmine Paolini is at present ranked no.7 as the Italian no.1 with 4228 points before Elisabetta Cocciaretto who has 1328 points and is ranked no.43.

Andreescu is 9 places up in the live rankings to be the new world no.167. Her career-best rank was no.4.

Depending on the other results, Bianca Vanessa Andreescu may gain 27 places to be the new world no.140 if she wins the upcoming match.

Live Rankings

In her live rankings, out of 426 points, Bianca has gained 294 points (69%) on Grass, 130 points (31%) on Clay and 2 points (0%) on Hard Court.

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