Paige Spiranac Runs It Back With Another Instant Classic Slow-Mo Swing Video.

It was the night before July 4 and there was a calm before the holiday that had taken over the internet. The calm ended when Paige Spiranac dropped a slow-mo video of herself crushing a golf ball on social media.





Everyone on all the platforms where the video was posted stood up and took notice. The video from start to finish was a well-thought-out piece of work by the world’s No. 1 golf influencer.

It was designed to do numbers and that’s exactly what the clip did. Paige put up a monster 12 million views on X with another 3 million over on Instagram. 15 million views is the definition of well received.

It’s such a must-see clip that it even managed to break through the shadowban over on TikTok with 825k views – her most viewed video on the platform since last summer.

Talk about a moment those who penned the Declaration of Independence would be proud of. It set the tone for the entire extended holiday weekend. The swing was perfectly executed.

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