ATP Queen’s: Smart Eugenie Bouchard Quick to Realise Taylor Swift Blunder While Calling Taylor Fritz’s Match in Hysterical Moment

Canadian WTA star Eugenie Bouchard handled her on-screen mistake with a swag! After taking up the role of commentator for the Tennis Channel, Bouchard entertained the fraternity quite well. However, a mistake landed her in a bit of a hilarious mess with her co-hosts laughing at the Canadian star. Taking it sportingly, Bouchard showcased that she is still the boss in the scene!

Eugenie Bouchard took to her official Instagram story to share a clip from her Tennis Channel commentary of the Round of 16 match between Taylor Fritz and Milos Raonic on the 19th of June. Bouchard misspelled Taylor Fritz’s name while analyzing the American ATP star’s aces in that match and her co-hosts Steve Weissman and Andy Roddick shared a great laughter hearing Bouchard’s slip of tongue. “Yeah he did not do nearly as many aces as that previous match, not even getting to double digits, just at nine aces gear, obviously formidable opponent and Milos Raonic and Taylor Swift, uh (laughs) Taylor Fritz. Oh my God! we all know what I mean to say”-Bouchard said in that clip.

Now this Canadian WTA player took her mistake sportingly and trolled herself on social media. Sharing the clip with an image of the match, Bouchard captioned it- “not me calling @taylor_fritz @taylorswift live on air!! thx for laughing @steveweissman & Andy.” She also added four monkey face-palm emojis to showcase her true emotions as she felt stupid for making such an error on television. While Bouchard trolled her mistake, the fraternity remembered how she faced a similar problem from television commentators.

Bouchard comes from Canada’s Quebec province, known for its French culture and language. While this Canadian WTA star spells her name as “Eu-gee-nie” or “Eu-Gee-Nee”, the commentators often miss that out and call her “Eu-ge-ne”. While Bouchard didn’t mention that, her followers criticized the channels for not doing enough homework before broadcasting and analyzing matches.

On the other hand, Fritz’s misery is not new as he previously also was referred as the iconic pop singer Taylor Swift since they both share a similar first name. In 2018, when Fritz got defeated by Juan Martin del Potro in a Boodles exhibition match, emcees mistakenly called him Taylor Swift and Fritz had to correct her politely. While Fritz took it light-heartedly, it surely brought another embarrassing moment on the tennis court.

Bouchard’s mention of Taylor Swift again brought her love-hate relationship with the iconic American pop singer. The duo was spotted in a photo in 2015. However, things went a bit differently as Bouchard criticized the famous singer later.

Eugenie Bouchard dropped heavy scrutiny on Taylor Swift over the years
When the famous American pop singer brought her 1989 World Tour to Montreal’s Bell Centre, Bouchard attended her gig and shared a picture with Swift on her social media. However, things took a twist as Bouchard was spotted criticizing the singer afterward.

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In 2016, this Canadian WTA star took to her official Instagram story and criticized a post where Taylor Swift’s cat was called the third richest pet in the world with a net worth of $97 million. In fact, Bouchard also took Kanye West’s side during his feud with Taylor Swift. “I mean I love Taylor Swift but sometimes I feel like she portrays herself as a victim a lot and she did this time around”- Bouchard said.

Nevertheless, Eugenie Bouchard’s hilarious mistake of calling Taylor Fritz as Tylor Swift brought a hilarious toll of laughter among the fraternity. However, the way Bouchard handled it gracefully, she won millions of hearts again.

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