Nelly Korda Crowned the ‘GOAT’ by Golf World as Wild Flex Video Goes Viral Ahead of U.S. Women’s Open

The golf world is once again in awe of Nelly Korda once again! This time not for her performance on the professional greens though. The World No. 1 demonstrated her extraordinary talent by estimating her shot numbers throughout her bag. She is known for her accuracy and calm demeanor. This extraordinary skill was caught on camera for a brief moment.

Hot off a win in the Mizuho Americas Open, she has had a stellar performance this year, with her legendary 5-peat making her tied for most consecutive wins on the LPGA Tour, forever etching her name in golf history. That, followed by her induction into the Met Gala this year, has made it her most successful season thus far. Now, she is eyeing the second major of the year that will be held at the Lancaster Country Club.

Just a few days before her appearance at the second major of the season, the U.S. Women’s Open, she has been spotted training hard to be ready for another shot at a major this season. We can see her in her zone in the post shared by the official TaylorMade Instagram handle, which is captioned “World No. 1’s feels are next level. @nellykorda guesses her number after every shot through the bag and puts on a show.”

In the video, we can see her make a few shots and with extreme accuracy, guess how far she was able to hit the ball. This not only shows off her excellence in striking but also her accuracy and the awareness of knowing where and how far the ball must have landed. Truly a master at the sport. But what do the fans have to say? Let’s find out!

Fans are all in awe of world no.1 Nelly Korda
Fans’ responses to the now-viral video displaying Korda’s accuracy have been very positive, indicating a combination of appreciation for her talent as well as recognition of her special position in the sport.

One fan commented “Nelly Korda really is female Scottie,” as a recognition of her top rank in the world as well as her current dominance in the sport. Both Korda and Scottie Scheffler are dominating the sport like the legends of yesteryear, and their dominance is not going to go away anytime soon. With Scheffler having won 4 events so far, Korda has upped her by 2 wins.

A different fan said, “Imagine the amount of shots you have to take and monitor on a Trackman to have this level of feel.” Sophisticated golf training aids like Trackman highlights technological advances that help players like Korda by providing comprehensive data on ball flight and club performance. The golfer has put in a lot of effort to get better, especially after her 14-month winless drought last season, and this year, she has been unstoppable.

Another fan wrote “This woman has it all. Congratulations to her family and team. Impressive.” This response recognizes the teamwork that made Korda a success. She has often praised her team for being there for her and helping her. Korda’s coach and caddie are specially to be praised for keeping her nerves calm on the greens.

Some comments were more direct. An admirer commented, “She’s the fire goat” This comment, which is straightforward but unambiguous, sums up the opinion of some fans about Korda’s status in the golf community as the greatest of all time. She is now a 2-time major champion and has her name etched in history for 5 consecutive means, so she truly is the GOAT!

Lastly, an admirer commented, “Nelly is showing off “ This season, she has been on a roll, and she has been very humble too about her victories. But in this video, she did show off her pro skills, and fans indeed loved it!

The extraordinary talent and commitment needed to reach the peak of golf are demonstrated by Nelly Korda’s expertise and her recent viral moment. Do you think Korda will bring home the Semple trophy? Let us know in the comments below!

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