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Paige Spiranac Forced to Break Silence After Her Social Media Update Left Fans With More Questions

Paige Spiranac is no stranger to criticism. After all, post-retirement from golf, Spiranac has largely been living her life in the spotlight as a social media influencer. But matters got out of hand when she recently revealed a handicap of +3.4, and Spiranac was bombarded with questions and suspicions.

According to her fans, the golf star impressively took on the role of an educator, teaching them about the complexities of the widely employed golf handicap system. Foremost, she clarified that “a + handicap is better than scratch.“ As a matter of fact, a plus handicap, like the one Spiranac claims to possess, is rare and usually seen only in elite players. Only a select few (precisely 0.69 percent) of female golfers are scratch or better. She explained that achieving a handicap of a+3 is extremely difficult, but some of the best players in the world have even better handicaps. Even a minor change in the handicap score can make a marginal difference in talent.

A tribute to some of the world’s best, Spiranac clarified, “I don’t think people realize how good they are, how hard the courses are set up, and all while doing it under extreme pressure.” She did not end her Handicap 101 class here. She also educated her surprisingly unaware, following, with the intricacies of calculating their golf handicap. This is done “by taking the average score of the best eight of your last 20 scores. Meaning you can still have some pretty shitty rounds and still be a low handicap 4,“ wrote the 31-year-old.

The former golfing sensation also highlighted how it is not a norm for professional players to keep a handicap, instead, they play from scratch and are scored on their actual scores. Handicap is a system largely preferred by amateurs.

Bonus Lesson: Paige Spiranac revealed someone once tried to calculate Tiger Woods’s handicap, which summed up a +9, something Spiranac termed “insane.”

But what led Spiranac to reveal her handicap score?

Why did Paige Spiranac reveal her handicap score after all?
It seems there were several reasons for Spiranac’s recent (and highly controversial) decision to reveal her handicap. First, there was the lingering curiosity among fans that she aimed to satiate. After failing to receive her LPGA Tour card in 2016 and retiring from golf, Golf Twitter has frequently asked Spiranac about her current status quo with the game she dearly worked upon throughout her life.

Further, there is Spiranac’s 2024 resolution. She resolved to consistently track her handicap throughout the year and reach the revered +4 mark, a feat she is not so far away anymore. She declared earlier, “My 2024 goal is I want to get disgustingly good at golf. I am going to officially keep my handicap to track my progress. Wish me luck.” It seems Bryson DeChambeau’s golf classes are finally doing the trick for Miss Spiranac.

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